SWRN GmbH (Sekundär-Wertstoff-Recycling-Nürnberg) has been very successful in the metal recycling business since 1988. As one of the largest metal recycling businesses in this industrial branch from the North Bavarian area and thanks to a certified disposal system, our many years of experience, the most modern premises and innovative transport logistics, we are in a position to guarantee our partners an optimal and professional taking delivery and disposal of your scrap metal.


In 2013 the family-founded company celebrated its 25th anniversary. At the same time the company was taken over by the next generation.

Headquarters Nuremberg Stein

Our headquarters are located in Nuermberg Stein. Here we process any and all kind of scraps.


Föhrenweg 44
90547 Stein

Branch at the port of Nuremberg

The SWRN opended In 2013 another branch at the port of Nuremberg. At the new location it is a reliable partner with state-of-the-art processing facilities on 15,000 square meters.

Preßburger Str. 3
90541 Nuremberg


Not against nature, but in harmony with it ...

The protection of our environment has always been an integral part of SWRN’s corporate strategy. Regular investments in environmental protection and training of employees ensure that we can continue guaranteeing our customers the professional handling and storage on our premises.


With qualified specialists, years of experience and constant investments in the latest technology, we guarantee the constant quality of our products. The raw materials are processed according to type and thus we ensure the optimal return to the economic cycle of industry.


We support you in your research for current reporting. We are happy to answer your questions or give interviews in person.