Scrap trade

Monetize your scrap while helping to keep the recycling cycle going. With the reprocessing and careful handling of raw materials we help protecting the environment. In addition to buying and selling non-ferrous metals, we operate our own scrap trade with a focus on steel scrap and alloyed scrap.


No.1 recycled


Steel has been one of the most common materials and can be completely recycled. Steel is a in great demand material, which is why large amounts of scrap are permanently generated. A large part of the demand is already covered by recycling material. In Europe, the proportion of recycled material is around 60 percent. We accept steel scrap from all sectors as well as commercial and industrial companies.

  • Old iron and steel scrap
  • New production waste
  • Sheet metal waste
  • Punching waste
  • Cast waste
  • Machine casting
  • Brake discs
  • Carrier/rail scrap
  • And other types of scrap

Recycle and

earn money

Alloyed steel scrap is scrap iron, to which chrome or nickel has been added to make it more heat-resistant, for example. These alloys are used for the production of machine parts for the food industry. The recycling cycle is maintained through reprocessing.

  • Stainless steel
  • V2A waste/shavings
  • V4A waste/shavings
  • Chromed steel
  • NCT waste
  • Pure nickel
  • And other alloyed scrap