The raw material 
of the technology industry

There are two different ways to manufacture usable copper. Copper in primary production is successfully gained through extraction and further processing. In secondary production melting melting copper-containing production residues, new scrap and recycled products is focused. The recycled copper accounts for more than a third of the total copper share worldwide.

The secondary raw materials are divided into three groups:

  • New and production scrap
  • Copper scrap and alloy scrap
  • Copper residues and shredder material

To effectively recycle copper the scrap is collected and sorted according to type and quality. After sorting it is treated, melted and processed in various types of trading units.

We recycle these kinds of Cu-scrap:

Cu-ligtht scrap

  • old
  • with adhesions

Cu-pieces of scrap

  • E-Cu

Cu-heavy scrap

  • old
  • without adhesions

Cu-wire Millberry

Cu-electric motor scrap

Cu-sheet metal scrap

  • new