The gold of
the sanitary industry

Brass consists of an alloy out of copper and zinc. The color of the metal changes depending on the zinc content, which is why there are so many different types of brass. The versatility of brass shows a very special virtue, because brass is non-magnetic.

During recycling, the metal is collected according to the type and quality, pre-sorted and further processed depending on the degree of purity. Production residues that arise during processing are melted down. If it is a composite with other materials, multi-stage melting processes are used to separate the individual components. At the same time, accompanying elements that are important for recycling are filtered out.

In a final refining electrolysis, the base and noble impurities are completely removed with a relatively small amount of energy.

We recycle these kinds of brass scrap:

Heavy brass waste

  • brass fittings etc.

Cu/brass radiator

  • with/without adhesives


  • waste
  • shavings

Erode wire waste


  • waste
  • shavings

Tombak waste